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‘Kiss Me Quick’ is a hit and miss

Kelsie Giles & Megan Wysocki

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Former band member of the now broken up British boy band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes, has released a single in an attempt to go solo.

Sykes is attempting to achieve a ‘soulful – big band’ type of sound with his songs, which is clear after the first listen of his single “Kiss me Quick.”

The music video begins with Sykes walking out in a suit and tie on a white backdrop, and he is accompanied onscreen by a trumpet player in the background. These aspects of the song and video clearly indicate that Sykes was attempting to give it a feeling much like Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.” However, that is not achieved as well as it could have been. If he wanted to copy a new classic, the execution should and could have been better.

Unfortunately the song feels repetitive, and it is often hard to hear most of the lyrics besides the chorus, due to an overall sound that seems slurred and a bit drowned out by the background music.

In the end, the song falls short of the retro style it was aiming for. Sykes other single “More Than You’ll Ever Know” is the better of the two songs he has out right now, but surprisingly not the one his team chose to emphasize.


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‘Kiss Me Quick’ is a hit and miss